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Energising the world with sustainable high purity vanadium and alumina

The global shift to decarbonize the way we generate and store energy requires high purity vanadium (HPV) and alumina (HPA). Our unique production and manufacturing processes produces sustainable high purity vanadium and alumina to be used by battery companies around the world. We are leaders in green battery metals, we are based in Australia and globally focused. We are Vecco Group.

Vanadium in Flow Batteries

Vanadium Flow Batteries are the battery of choice for utilities who require 4 to 10 hours of energy. Vanadium does not degrade over the 25 year battery life making it a truly green energy storage solution.

HPA in Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-Ion Batteries are supporting electric vehicles, short duration solar storage and consumer electronics. High Purity Alumina (HPA) is critical for these batteries to ensure safety and improve performance.

Supporting the decarbonisation of the world

Vecco is sustainably providing products the world needs to decarbonize. Our mining and manufacturing processes are designed for low energy and water consumption while maintaining low amounts of waste.


Vecco Vanadium + HPA Project

Vecco Group is developing the world class Vecco Vanadium + HPA Project in Queensland, with product manufacturing operations in Townsville, Australia.

Vecco is integrating the mining of high purity vanadium and alumina with manufacturing of battery components to support the global decarbonisation transition.

— Tom Northcott, Managing Director

Invest in Vecco

Through its integrated battery materials strategy, Vecco Group plans to become a major force in the supply chain for the rapidly expanding large scale energy storage and electric vehicle manufacturing sectors. Vecco provides investors with a medium to invest in the global shift to decarbonise electricity production and growth in electric vehicles.