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Vanadium Redox Batteries – What you need to know!


Vanadium is a metal with huge potential to change the way we store large amounts of energy. As demand continues to increase for renewable energy, the requirement for storage solutions also grows. This is where Vanadium Redox Batteries (VRB) are becoming the preferred choice.

So why are VRB’s the preferred choice? Vecco group explains the top five advantages of VRB’s.

Five key points you need to know about vanadium redox batteries:

  1. VRB’s are proven and available for implementation right now and are currently in use and working in Australia, China, HK and USA;
  2. VRB’s have a lifespan of 20 years;
  3. They are environmentally sustainable and can support large scale renewable energy projects such as solar and wind;
  4. VRB’s have excellent charge retention, with storage lasting up to one year. If left completely discharged, there are no adverse effects; and
  5. For long term applications VRB’s is the preferred option due to its scale and low cost.

Vecco Group is rapidly developing its vanadium mine in Queensland, Australia to ensure that supply can be maintained to the growing utility scale battery market. Vecco’s project is one of the largest vanadium resources in the world and on-track to become the next major vanadium mine.

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