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Research and Development


Vecco Industrial is undertaking world first research and development on behalf of Vecco Group in the areas of vanadium processing and electrolyte production.

Vanadium redox flow batteries function by using an electric charge to alter the oxidation state of the electrolyte when charging and discharging the battery. The precipitation of vanadium is conducted in the V(V) state as this form of the vanadium ion has a low solubility, allowing easier precipitation. However, this is exactly what is not required during operation of the battery where the solubility of vanadium ions needs to be kept high.

Vecco is undertaking research to develop a new process for the extraction of vanadium from shale in the preferred oxidation state and as a vanadium sulphate supply for use as electrolyte in VRBs.

  • Brisbane Met Labs (Nagrom Brisbane) supports Vecco with its R&D activities as a Research Services Provider.
  • Engenium supports Vecco with experiment design and reporting.