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Debella V + HPA Project

Introduction to the Debella Vanadium and High Purity Alumina Project

Vecco Group is developing the world class Debella Vanadium + HPA Project in Queensland Australia.

The Debella High Purity Vanadium and High Purity Alumina Project is located near Julia Creek in the world class North-West Queensland energy and minerals province. This province is home to world renowned mines like South 32 Limited’s Cannington Mine and Glencore’s Mount Isa Mine.

The Debella Vanadium project contains a high grade resource (including up to 0.80% V2O5 + >18% Al). Mining conditions for the project are excellent, with the target seam commencing at shallow depths with a flat dip and free-dig overburden.

Vecco is targeting initial production in 2023, primarily producing a high purity vanadium pentoxide product, vanadium electrolyte and high purity alumina for the battery markets.

Project Highlights
  • Production: >130Mwh of vanadium electrolyte production p.a. and scaling up to >300Mwh
  • Project timing: Mining Lease Application in 2021
  • Low cost operation: Low Life of Mine (LOM) operating costs
  • Shallow Resource: From only 16.4m, the resource has a very low strip ratio
  • Mine Life: >50 year LOM
  • Beneficiation: Low cost, simple beneficiation process
  • Low cost mineral processing: Atmospheric leaching of the vanadium with a standard vanadium recovery process.
  • All assets and operations are 100% owned by Vecco Group.
JORC Resources


Debella Project
Indicated 45.1 0.47 -
Inferred 130.1 0.43 -

Project Location

Located north of Julia Creek in Queensland, the Debella Project is situated close to existing infrastructure, including roads, rail and power. Positioned north of surrounding vanadium projects, including Multicom Resources, Richmond Vanadium and QEM Limited.