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Vanadium Redox Batteries – What you need to know!

Vanadium is a metal with huge potential to change the way we store large amounts of energy. As demand continues to increase for renewable energy, the requirement for storage solutions also grows. This is where Vanadium Redox Batteries (VRB) are becoming the preferred choice. So why are VRB’s the preferred choice? Vecco group explains the…

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How Elon Musk can change the world

Electric Vehicles, although in the early stages of commercialisation, are set to become the future of passenger vehicles. However, the electricity required to charge the vehicles currently comes from coal and gas. To ensure sufficient power is available to charge these vehicles, renewable energy sources must increase capacity and provide baseload supply (imagine how much…

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Vanadium vs Lithium Batteries

We field a lot of questions relating to the difference between lithium batteries and Vanadium Redox Batteries (or VRB’s as they are commonly known), and rightly so. Lithium has taken the spotlight over the past few years while VRB’s maintain a lower profile. In short, lithium batteries and Vanadium Redox Batteries are very different. Lithium…

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Vanadium’s Critical Role in a Low Carbon Future

Vanadium is the little known mineral with a massive future. The significant growth in vanadium demand rests with its critical role in large scale energy storage applications – namely, Vanadium Redox flow Batteries (VRB’s). Vanadium Redox Batteries use liquid energy sources to generate electricity, are non-flammable, environmentally friendly and have a long life-span. Affordable large…

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Vecco is integrating the mining of high purity vanadium and alumina with manufacturing of battery components to support the global decarbonisation transition.

— Tom Northcott, Managing Director