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How Elon Musk can change the world

Tesla Station

Electric Vehicles, although in the early stages of commercialisation, are set to become the future of passenger vehicles. However, the electricity required to charge the vehicles currently comes from coal and gas. To ensure sufficient power is available to charge these vehicles, renewable energy sources must increase capacity and provide baseload supply (imagine how much electricity is required to displace the energy value of petrol and diesel on a large scale – a significant increase in power generation and storage is required).

The current issue with most renewables (solar and wind) is their unreliability. This is where Elon Musk needs to take up the challenge. Lithium batteries perform well in many applications, but it’s vanadium redox flow batteries that have been proven to offer reliable, long life energy storage for utility scale applications.

To substantially lower emissions from the take up of electric vehicles, the solution needs to move upstream to the source of electricity. Elon has achieved some great accomplishments, and to fulfil his legacy, there is just one last project. To complete the energy cycle from renewable generation and storage in a vanadium redox battery and through to a Tesla battery is where a true difference will be made.

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