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Vanadium Batteries

Demand for renewable energy is growing and forecast to continue for decades. Renewable energy generation is driving demand for stationary energy storage such as vanadium flow batteries.

The battery storage market for houses, commercial and industrial buildings and large scale solar farms is growing rapidly.

In partnership with Vecco Energy, we are supplying world leading vanadium battery technology throughout Australia.

Vecco Group is the supplier of low cost, high quality vanadium electrolyte and Vecco Energy provides the battery hardware and EPC.

The Advantages of Vanadium Batteries
<1% capacity degradation Scaleable from 1mw to 200mw (with option for 4 – 10 hours energy storage)
15 year warranty for unlimited cycles 100% depth of discharge
Non-flammable Lowest life-cycle environmental footprint
Vanadium Battery Uses

Vanadium flow batteries are suited to most stationary energy storage applications such as storing solar or wind power for use at night time.

Battery Uses
Residential 5kw / 20kwh system suitable for most residential uses
Commercial & Industrial Suitable for large or small commercial and industrial buildings
Utility Load shifting, Frequency Controls & Ancillary Services (FCAS), generation management
Vanadium Battery Price

Vanadium batteries are economical and long lasting systems making vanadium batteries the technology of choice for energy storage.

Please contact Vecco Energy for a vanadium battery price based on your energy storage requirement.