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Vecco Group is developing the Vecco Critical Minerals Project. We are supporting the renewable energy and electrification transition by ensuring the global supply of High Purity Vanadium and High Purity Alumina remains available and affordable for energy storage applications.

Vecco Group’s business has two integrated platforms:

  1. Vanadium + HPA Mining - The “Vecco Project” located in NW QLD contains a large, high grade, shallow Vanadium and Alumina Resource. The project will produce both High Purity Vanadium and High Purity Alumina for the battery manufacturing process. A Pre-Feasibility Study is currently underway.
  2. Vanadium Electrolyte Production - Australia’s first commercial scale electrolyte facility for large scale vanadium batteries.

High Purity Vanadium is used in Vanadium Flow Battery (VFB) technology which provides long lasting, low cost storage of energy produced from renewable and sustainable generation. By producing a high grade vanadium electrolyte for vanadium batteries, Vecco will be supporting the renewable energy production and energy storage revolution.

Vanadium batteries offer a unique advantage as one of the lowest carbon footprint batteries on the market and the vanadium electrolyte is easily transferred to a new system after its 20-25 year asset life.

Our commitment is to supporting the significant uptake of large scale stationary storage (batteries) to deliver sustainable energy to everyone.

Vision and Strategy

Vecco Group was founded in 2014 by Managing Director Tom Northcott and has since developed one of the largest low cost vanadium projects in the world with a downstream electrolyte plant commencing operations in June 2023. Vecco is uniquely positioned to become one of the largest manufacturers of vanadium electrolyte in the Asia-Pacific region.


Vecco is developing a large battery metals and chemicals business supported by one of the lowest cost vanadium projects in the world.

A scoping study has been completed for the Vecco Project. Vecco is currently undertaking a Pre-Feasibility Study as it progresses towards developing the mine for extraction of High Purity Vanadium (HPV) and High Purity Alumina (HPA).

Vecco Group’s mission is to increase shareholder value through the near-term construction of Australia’s first vanadium electrolyte plant and development of the Debella V+HPA Mine.

The significant potential for vanadium as the world moves to lower emissions has captured the attention of many investors. Vecco provides investors with exposure to the low emissions energy sector through vanadium as the key mineral in vanadium flow batteries and HPA which is used in LED lighting and lithium-ion batteries.

Did you know:

  • Approximately 100t of Vanadium Pentoxide can make 10MWh of flow battery storage electrolyte
  • The vanadium in a flow battery never degrades and is completely recyclable
  • Vanadium is also used to increase the strength of steel and can lower emissions from the steel manufacturing process.

Board of Directors & Management

Greg Chalmers

Non-Executive Chairman

Greg is a mining executive and engineer with over 46 years experience in senior management roles.

Tom Northcott

Founder & Managing Director

Thomas has over 14 years experience within the mining sector spanning project development, business development and M&A, capital raising and the practical delivery of greenfield exploration and project approvals.

John Quinlan

Non-Executive Director

John is a senior level executive with over 15 years of global experience in family offices, investment management, alternative investments, corporate strategy and operations management.

Greg Spurgin

Non-Executive Director

Greg is a company director and investor in a portfolio of Australian companies.  

Campbell Middleton

Chief Technical Officer

Campbell has over 25 years experience as a Chemical Engineer specialising in mineral processing in multiple commodities in Australia and internationally.

Jeremy Peters

General Manager - Energy

Jeremy has over 15 years’ experience in the electrical industry managing teams in the renewable energy, infrastructure, and resources sectors.

Vecco is integrating the mining of high purity vanadium and alumina with manufacturing of battery components to support the global decarbonisation transition.

— Tom Northcott, Managing Director