Vecco Energy specialises in energy solutions for small to medium size businesses.

Through our exclusive partner Vecco can offer PV+storage packages to save businesses thousands per year on their electricity costs. 

Energy storage of solar power and top up during off-peak tariff periods can save businesses significant amounts on their power. Using vanadium redox flow batteries, we can store energy from solar and during the early hours of the morning when tariff rates are reduced and discharge this energy automatically during peak tariff hours. 

Reliable power storage is a fundamental element of moving to a low carbon future and increasing energy efficiency. The energy storage market is expected to grow significantly as renewable energy sources are now well established but do no provide power at optimum times. As battery costs continue to decrease per kwh, affordable energy storage will support substantial growth in the sector. The renewable energy revolution must be supported by affordable and reliable supply of vanadium, lithium and cobalt.

Vecco Energy has introduced this system to Australia’s industrial sector which combines off-peak tariff storage using vanadium redox batteries and solar generation during peak day time period.