About Vecco Group | Vanadium, Battery Metals & Gas Australia


Vecco Group operates two platform businesses within the vanadium, industrial metals and gas production sectors.

We specialise in supporting the renewable energy revolution by ensuring the global supply of vanadium remains available and affordable for energy storage applications – for use in the Vanadium Redox Battery (VRB) which provides long lasting, economical storage of energy produced from renewable and sustainable means. By producing a high grade vanadium electrolyte for VRBs, Vecco will be supporting the renewable energy production and storage revolution.

Our core approach focusses on people, plan, process and performance within everything we do. Our commitment is to the continuing expansion and improvement of the renewable energy revolution to enable renewable and sustainable energy to be available to everyone.

Vecco is leading the charge in developing a new vanadium supply source for the growing vanadium market. The Debella Vanadium project is Vecco’s flagship asset being developed to commence production of vanadium electrolyte (VE) for VRB’s and vanadium pentoxide for the steel industry. Vecco will be a primary producer of vanadium electrolyte for direct supply of low cost VE to the battery manufacturing industry. 


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Gas Production & Marketing
Oil and Gas Exploration