Renewable Energy Storage

Renewable energy storage on a large scale is required if solar and wind energy is to become a reliable source of power for the conventional power grid. Acceptance of renewable energy projects as a primary source of power will be limited without batteries, such as the vanadium redox flow battery.

Vanadium redox flow batteries, or VRBs, have advantages over lithium-ion batteries as they can be easily scaled up, no fire risk and have a long life.


  • Scalable (KW, MW and GW storage applications) – Suitable for industrial and grid scale energy storage
  • 20-25 year lifetime (the vanadium is the cathode and anode)
  • The energy is available on demand and has a high conversion efficiency
  • The vanadium electrolyte is 100% recyclable
  • The worlds largest battery is a 200MW VRFB being installed in Dalian, China.

VRBs are perfectly suited to large scale installations, such as commercial buildings, industrial complex and mining operations to reduce power costs and reduce the carbon footprint.

Sumitomo from Japan is a major supplier of vanadium redox flow batteries with experience in grid scale installations in japan.